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Strengthen Expressivity

Most freshmen are selected by testing their drawing abilities, though, the subjects, Basic Drawing. Idea Conception Technique, Design Sketch, etc., are opened for these lower grades to find and develop individual intuition power and aesthetic sensibility. This is scheduled for students to enhance their expressive power, reduced by computer based life style, and to be perfect naturally in creative, sensitive expressive power.

Enhance executive ability of complicate project

These subjects. Design Management Business. Design Management Theory, Design Business. etc., are opened for acquiring overall perspective project solving ability to get actual and effective design strategy in real marketing environment. Also, we provide students a lot of internship programs to experience actual design-develop-process. In addition. Design Seminar, running with the formation of special lecture and seminar by several professors and visiting professors, incubates students integrated design abilities in different point of views by divers and connected complicate education.

Reinforce connectivity with high technology

We have been opened subjects related to those in digital designer developing areas for acceptiing the change of social cognition to new media environment and design. such as Digital Basic design. Digital Applied Design, Automobile Digital Design. etc.

Grade Subject
1st grade
(basic course)

Basic Drawing(1) / Color Design / Basic Formative Design / Computer Basic Design / Life & Design

Basic Drawing(2) / Solid Modeling Design(2) / Design Taoism / Design History / Design Applied Design(2) / Household Items Design(2)
2nd grade
(intermediate course)

Basic Design Sketch / Basic Product Design(1) / Form & Structure Design(1) / Advanced digital Applied Design(1)

Advanced Design Sketch / Basic Product Design(2) / Form & Structure Design(2) / UX Design(1) / Advanced digital Applied Design(2)
3rd grade
(high course)

Transportation&3D Concept Design(1) / Product Design(1) / Product Design Marketing / UX Design(2) / Furniture Design(1)

Product Service Design / Furniture Design(2) / Transportation&3D Concept Design(2) / Product Design(2)
4th grade
(actual course)

Product Design(3) / Design Management Business / Automobile Design(1) / Environmental Design(3)

Product Design(4) / Working Design Portfolio / Automobile Design(2) / Environmental Design(4)
Industrial Design
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