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"Foster global design leaders, thinking creative"

We foster global design leaders who evenly are qualified for not just creative sensibility and scientific thinking. bur ethical values to lead 21c Art Culture and new knowledge based society.
These are for incubating students to professional designers with plentiful creative ideas.
Trend prediction power. and performance capability of design project to solve practical problems.

Faculties teach life style and trend analysis capability. plus, they teach not only formational expressiveness  on plane and space but Design, Management, HFE(Human Factors Engineering), Formation and Structure, etc. Also, they train students all education such as 2D, 3D digital design capability. modeling. new media application ability, which are needed in near future for being experts of design management and entertainment areas.

Industrial Design is the area that we design living products. environmental places and automobiles, necessary for human being. more beautiful and more comfortable to use by reasonable planning and designing for companies to become competitive.

Subject Details

  1. Product Design: Designing living, furniture, electronic necessary products near human being
  2. Environmental Design: Designing interior and exterior living environment where people live
  3. Automobile Design: Learning human technological and aesthetic design of Automobile including cars
Industrial Design
Chung-Ang University


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